Why Old Gems are a Safer Bet

Learn why the latest and brightest tokens aren’t always the best

The Lindy Effect — The Easiest Way to Avoid Scams

Using Our App to Find Older Tokens

Looking for tokens that have had at least 100 trades in the last day, and are at least 3 weeks
  • Tokens that have increased in price over the past 1 week / 24 hours
  • Tokens with healthy volume, especially relative to their liquidity
  • Do your research. Does the token have a website, an active Telegram or a Twitter account? Is there any news to justify the recent increase in price?
  • Have a look at the price chart. If the chart has recently broken the all the high, or is approaching it, there’ s a good chance that the price will continue to go up.
  • Check out the buyers and sellers on a charting tool like Poocoin or Dextools. If most of the big buys are from one or a few wallet, it might be a pump and dump trap. If there’s lots of different buyers, it could present as a good buying opportunity.


Come up with your own strategies

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