The Agents of I.N.U. — Origin Story

The Agents of I.N.U. and how we came to be

Agents of I.N.U.
3 min readNov 25, 2021

With a glimmer in our eyes, we set out to make our fortunes. The promise of Decrentalized Finances was alluring. Stories of people turning meagre sums into fortunes in weeks. Where a $100 investment could balloon into thousands overnight. Amongst traditional investors, crypto is considered insanely volatile. What then of Decentralized Finance, the Wild West of the Crypto Frontier?

Quickly our hopes turned to dismay, as we bought into Yet-Another-Honeypot, were tripped up by the third rug pull in a day and watched our dollars turn into cents as the supposedly renounced owner somehow minted himself a quadrillion new tokens.

Much like the American Wild West, law and order were nowhere to be seen. Where the Wild West was ruled by murderers, thieves and outlaws, here we were ruled by scammers, callers and fake influencers.

It’s Just Code.

But underpinning all of DeFi is the blockchain. On the blockchain, there’s nowhere to hide. It’s code all the way down. And if there’s one thing that we understand, it’s code.

So we set out to build tools to help us get our bearings in this vast wilderness. Could we look through the code and weed out the scams? Could we analyse the data and find tokens that were trading well? It turns out we could.

Our Product

So we built our crypto tracker. Initially, it was a tool for our own use, refined over the last few months. But as we showed it to others, it was obvious there was a demand for law and order in this space. People were crying out for a way to better sort through the mire, avoid the scams and find the hidden gems.

We saw an opportunity to make a difference in this space. So we decided to create the Agents of I.N.U. and launch our tool into the wild.

The Agents of I.N.U. Crypto Tracker

Today, you can:

  • Avoid scam tokens by looking at our Contract Analysis
  • Get notified of liquidity locks and ownership renounced events to give you confidence in a token
  • Sort tokens by trading volume, number of trades, price change over 5 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and a week — instantly
  • Look for newly created tokens to buy into
  • Go back in time and look for the hidden gems

And that’s just the beginning. We’ve got huge ambitions. Our goal is to be the ultimate DeFi trading companion and give you all the data and information you need to make safe and informed decisions. We’ve got a long roadmap of features planned out that we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks and months.

But we also believe that the best progress is made collaboratively. So we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you love and what you hate. What features you’d love to see. We’re always ready to listen.

Our First Agent — Agent Shiba

Agent Shiba is the first Agent of I.N.U. that’s been released. While the tracker is currently in free beta, we’ll soon be locking down features to holders of Agent Shiba. Details will be released shortly, but make sure to buy and hold Agent Shiba to gain access to the premium features of our platform.