Introducing Event Tracking

Track Token Created, Owner Changed and Liquidity Locked Events

Introducing Events Tracking on the Agents of I.N.U!

The different type of events

  1. New Token events. These events show you when tokens are created (technically speaking, when an LP pair is created), allowing you to track the newest tokens.
  2. Ownership Changed events. These events show you when the ownership of a token has changed. This is usually of interest for meme tokens renouncing ownerships (projects with real use-cases will very rarely renounce ownership)
  3. Most useful is the Liquidity Lock event. Locking liquidity is an important protection against devs rugging their own token. It’s not fool-proof (scam contracts can still allow dodgy developers to remove liquidity), however many investors won’t invest until liquidity has been locked.

Why should you care?

Tokens with a reputable Liquidity Locker and green Honeypot Status are worthy of further investigation

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