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We passed our security audit with flying colours!

Agents of I.N.U.
3 min readDec 12, 2021

DeFi is rife with scams. Most investors, especially those aping newly launched / low MC tokens, are incredibly sceptical when it comes to investing in projects. Particularly those with meme names. And rightfully so.

Though some people might dismiss us as yet-another-meme-token based on our name, we’re anything but. Our Token Tracker is an invaluable resource for anybody investing in DeFi tokens.

We want our investors to buy our token with full confidence, knowing that we’re a legitimate team with a safe contract. So we decided to enlist Watchtower ( to conduct an audit of our contract. Here were the results:

Doxxed Team with a well-developed Smart Contract

The team at Watchtower confirmed our status as a doxxed team. What’s more, they picked up on our professionalism and great understanding of the space. It’s no surprise to us (it’d be hard building such a polished product without a good understanding of cryptocurrencies :-) ), but external recognition is always nice.

Zero Security Issues

The team at Watchtower found zero issues with our contract of any severity level. We went to great lengths to ensure our contract was free of defects and are pleased to have it externally confirmed. We tested every aspect of our contract, with 70 automated tests, and ran simulations to ensure our investors could buy and sell without issue.

Operating with Integrity

One of our missions at the Agents Of I.N.U. is to eradicate scams and bring transparency to the DeFi space. There’s no greater endorsement for our team than to be recognised as operating with integrity. Integrity is at the heart of everything that we do.


It’s great to have external validation about what we already know. At The Agents of I.N.U., we’re dedicated to transparency and legitimacy. We hope that the results of the audit give confidence to our users about the security of the token and the genuine intentions of the team.

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