Agents of I.N.U. Update: Feb 16, 2022

The latest happening in the World of I.N.U

What changes have been made?

Brand Site Overhaul

Updated Agents of I.N.U website
Our updated brand site

Improved Search

Agents of I.N.U improved search performance
Fast and snappy search

Updated Token Page & Improved Dark Theme

Updated token page

Our Current Marketing Strategy

Moving Away from AMAs

A (Re)Newed Approach to Marketing

Improve our branding

Running Ads

Our updated Poocoin ad

Improve SEO

Google starting to discover our token pages

New Revenue Stream — Ads

Ads on the Token Page

Price & Chart Widgets

Audit & Token Reports


Continued Content Marketing

The Future



Agents of I.N.U. Defenders of DeFi.

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