Agents of I.N.U. Update: Feb 16, 2022

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Agents of I.N.U.
6 min readFeb 17, 2022

Hello fellow Agents! We’re back for another developer update on all things Agents of I.N.U. Read on for an overview on product updates, recent marketing and also our future marketing plans!

What changes have been made?

Since our last developer update, we’ve made a few improvements to Agents of I.N.U.

Brand Site Overhaul

We’ve completely overhauled our brand site! We haven’t done any work on it since launch, and we felt it was starting to lag behind compared to the polished offering of our web app. First impressions count so we got to work to bring it up to scratch. Be sure to let us know what you think.

Updated Agents of I.N.U website
Our updated brand site

Improved Search

We’ve implemented and improved token search! As our users noticed, not all tokens appear in the Top Tokens section — only those that have recently been traded. Global search let’s you search for any token.

We’ve put a lot of effort to make our search fast and responsive. Nobody’s got 5 seconds to wait for a search result:

Agents of I.N.U improved search performance
Fast and snappy search

Updated Token Page & Improved Dark Theme

We’ve also greatly improved the charts on our token page, letting users select time ranges and zoom in and out, as well as seeing token volume. We’ve intentionally left our charts minimalistic in their design — we find it’s more aesthetically pleasing, it renders faster and works a lot better on mobile.

We’ve also overhauled the dark theme of the website to greatly improve contrast and just make it look a heck of a lot better.

Updated token page

Our Current Marketing Strategy

Marketing has been a major focus for us the past two weeks. Recent activity:

The AMAs were great (check them out!) and helped bring our project to a host of new users and investors. We’re also excited by our partnership with Kingdom Calls going forward.

Moving Away from AMAs

What’s become clear to us is that growing a utility token like ours needs a different approach to what we’ve been doing to date. AMAs are great and we love to chat about our project, however they are more suited as hype building tools for new projects. The type of investor that we target through AMAs isn’t necessarily looking for an established token with a relatively flat chart. They’re after the next moonshot that’s about to launch or just been launched.

We’re analytical in everything that we do, and it’s become obvious that the current approach is unsustainable. For us to break even on an AMA, it needs to bring in 10–20x the volume that we pay for the AMA. We’re lucky to bring in 5x volume from an AMA, meaning that we’re hemoraging marketing funds each time that we hold an AMA. With premium AMAs costing well in excess of 10BNB, our funds are better spent elsewhere.

A (Re)Newed Approach to Marketing

So what do we do? It’s become obvious that Agents of I.N.U is no different to any other app out there. Our challenge is to build a strong, active userbase. Here’s how:

Improve our branding

Our brand site is where most new users go to learn about Agents of I.N.U. As mentioned above, it sucked. We’ve updated it to bring it in line with the rest of our branding. It now conveys a level of professionalism that should give potential new users and investors confidence in our brand.

Running Ads

In the ads business, conversion is the name of the game. Our improved brand site should help lead to better conversion rates.

We trialled Poocoin ads about 10 days ago and saw decent conversions, however decided that we need to improve the brand site before we invest in it further. Now that we’ve updated our site, we’ll be renewing the Poocoin ads with a higher budget to attract even more users.

Our updated Poocoin ad

Improve SEO

Appearing at the top of Google searches for keywords in your sector is the holy grail for any business. Organic, ongoing traffic is essential. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of the past fortnight working on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Our pages are now discoverable by Google Search (only a few at this stage, though we should see more by the day):

Google starting to discover our token pages

Our goal is to be right there on the first page any time somebody Googles a BSC token. It’s a science and an art, and there’s a lot of hard work to achieve it. If we get there, it’ll be a gamechanger for the Agents of I.N.U.

New Revenue Stream — Ads

We recently made the decision to show ads on our web app:

Ads on the Token Page

It’s not a decision that we’ve made lightly. Ads invariably detract from the user experience. However, our original strategy of making all of our revenue from token tax fees is looking increasingly unrealistic. Ads are, at this stage, a necessary evil.

We need to build additional revenue streams to ease our reliance on token tax fees. Ads are a first step in this approach, particularly as traffic to the website increases. It’ll enable us to spend more fund marketing and growing the project. Right now we’re only showing ads on desktop, however we’ll be adding more in the coming days (don’t worry — we promise to keep it as unobtrusive as possible!).

If you are an established, safe project and would like to purchase dedicated ad space on our website — please reach out!

Price & Chart Widgets

We’re working on price and chart widget that other projects can put on their brand sites, free of charge! If you’re a token developer and you’d like to embed a chart on your website, reach out and let’s chat.

The idea here is to build brand awareness and create a link back to our app, driving organic traffic. We’re also planning on offering paid solutions for projects who require additional customization.

Audit & Token Reports

We’re working on functionality to share a snapshot of our token page to social media (Twitter, Telegram etc). This will render a price chart and a link back to our app, driving even more traffic. In future, this might form the foundation of an Agents of I.N.U Telegram bot!


We’re having discussions with a host of people in the space about partnerships. We’ve got a lot of ideas about how these partnerships could work, and we’re trialling a bunch of ideas. A lot of the discussions are early, though we’re hoping to ramp this up over the next week or two.

If you are a TG/Twitter promoter, token developer or run your own token website — reach out and let’s discuss how we can work together!

Continued Content Marketing

We’re continuing our content marketing strategy of putting out quality content. We’re currently discussing a multitude of ideas, including reviews for legitimate projects in the space. We’ll have more information as it comes to hand.

The Future

As I’m sure is obvious, our current focus is on organically and sustainably growing our userbase and getting more people invested in our project. If you have any thoughts, ideas and suggestions — reach out to us on Telegram (!

The best form of organic growth is word of mouth, so don’t be shy to tell your friends and family about the amazing utility of the Agents of I.N.U. ❤️