Agent Shiba — Tokenomics Explained

Agents of I.N.U.
4 min readNov 26, 2021


Learn more about how our token works

At Agents of I.N.U., we’re big on transparency. Read on to get an in-depth look into the tokenomics of our Agent Shiba token.


Out token allocation

Team — 5%

The team’s been hard at work on the project since June. We’ve allocated:

  • 2% to the main developer
  • 2% to the second developer
  • 1% to our marketer and hustler

Despite all hundreds of hours that have gone into the project, we’ve decided to go with small allocations to reduce FUD about whales potentially dumping. We’re in it for the long run.

Marketing Wallet — 2%

We’ve reserved a 2% marketing wallet in case we need to raise funds to further promote the project. We’re hoping that we’ll make enough with marketing taxes to not have to use this wallet, and could potentially repurpose it in future.

Liquidity — 25%

We’ve allocated 25% of the token supply to liquidity to ensure price stability. We’ll be launching with 45–50 BNB of liquidity.

Private Presale — 18.5%

We raised 50 BNB in a private presale to supply initial liquidity for launch. To maximise fairness and minimise dumping, we made sure that the presale price is the same as the launch price.

Burn — 51%

We’re burning 51% of the tokens at launch. This is purely to make sure that the maths work out — we’re burning just enough to set the launch price to the presale price. Want to learn more? Let us know and we’ll write a blog post on the mechanics of tokenomics and how DeFi prices are set in BSC.


Read on for an explanation of our tokenomics at launch.

Our tokenomics

1% Reflections

Investors will be rewarded with 1% reflection for holding the token.

2% Auto LP

We’re not here for a quick pump and dump. We’re building a long-lasting ecosystem of apps. To that end, we’ll be adding 2% of each transaction to the liquidity pool to build price stability and give users the confidence to purchase the token.

4% Development Fee

This isn’t your typical hype token. We’ve put in hundreds of hours into developing our Token Tracker — and we’re only getting started. We’ve got a whole suite of apps and ideas that we’re planning on building. We’ll use the dev fees to continue building the best ecosystem of trading tools in DeFi.

4% Marketing Fee

Great tools are just the start. The marketing tax will allow us to promote the Agents of I.N.U. and get users talking about us and using our tools. We want to be the go-to tool in DeFi and to do that, we’ll need to get the word out there.

2% Max Wallet

The max wallet prevents any one person from controlling a large percentage of the token’s supply, potentially damaging the project’s long term prospects.

0.3% Max Transaction

We’re limiting the max transaction to 0.3% to prevent any wallet from off-loading a large chunk of their tokens at once, or accumulating too many tokens too quickly.


We’re big on security. The Agents of I.N.U. are here to defend DeFi. Here are the steps that we’ve gone to give you confidence in the safety of our token.

Liquidity Lock

We’ll be locking liquidity for 6 months initially after launch. This gives users security knowing that the tokens are locked away and the liquidity is secure. It also allows us to re-assess in 6 months time and gives us the option of migrating to another contract or platform if necessary. If everything’s working as expected, rest assured that we’ll extend the lock well before the 6 months is up.

Renounce Ownership

Real projects don’t renounce ownership of the token, and neither will we. It’s important that we maintain ownership to control aspects of the contract, such as taxes and swap frequency.

Scammers add backdoors into contracts to still give them access to a renounced contract, so it’s not the safety barrier that it might appear.

Instead, we’ve implemented checks and balances in the contract itself, to limit what we can do.

Contract Limits

We hate nothing more than contracts with no limits. It’s one of the biggest scams going around in DeFi today. There’s absolutely no reason that contracts should be able to set 100% tax. So we’ve implemented restrictions in the contract itself:

  • Buy and sell taxes cannot exceed 20%
  • Max wallet cannot be set to less than 0.2% of supply
  • Max transaction cannot be set to less than 0.1% of supply

Our Purpose

Unlike most projects on the Binance SmartChain environment, Agents of I.N.U. is built around real utility. We’ve been at it for months building our product, and we plan to be here for months and years to come, serving the needs of the DeFi community. We’d love for you to come with us as we embark on this journey!



Agents of I.N.U.